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Electric Heater

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  • Electric Plate Heater
  • MnSi ELPHE可克服传统shell&tube热交换机的缺点。 小型化、高效传热特性,每个电铝板可传输15KW的热量。


  • 采用小型设计及维持安全性


  • 电板内部注入的thermal couple的backup功能不仅可以控制和保护piping line,而且还可以启动安全系统。
  • ELPHE采用完全封闭型结构,在异常情况下也不会发生漏油或爆炸。并且opeining and surfaces还可以防止外部易爆气体的渗透。(EX II B T4认证)
  • MnSi拥有ELPHE的专利权。


  • 发电及造船领域的Diesel engine fuel oil/Diesel engine, turbine and compressor lubricating oil/Miller, driller and lathe cutting oil/Chemical process/Sea water, raw water等


Material SS400 or Equirevalriant ASTM
Connection DIN, ANSI, JIS, KS over all STD
Volume Flow Max. 15m³ / h
Weight / Dimension 75kg / 800 x 300 x 650

Electric Plate
Material AC4C or Equirevalriant ASTM
Heat Transfer Area 0.22 m²
Power Capacity 15kW / 480V
Heating Element Silicon Coated Magnesia
Application Lub. Oil, Fuel Oil, Water, Etc.,
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 160°C
Working / Test Pressure 16 bar / 24 bar

Juction Box
Material SS400 or Equirevalriant ASTM
Paint RAL 7032
Cable Grand PG25 / 35

Model Max. Temp. / Press. Max. Operating Power Dimension Connections
ELPHE02 180°C / 16 bar 45kW(9 Block) 350(h) x 105(w)mm 25A
ELPHE08 180°C / 16 bar 225kW(15 Block) 640(h) x 187(w) mm 50A

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